The textile-academy is a interdisciplinary course based on hands-On learning and bottom up approach . It is divided into two trimesters, the first 3 months (September to December) there are weekly global lectures about skills, tools and processes where each student has weekly assignments that are reviewed globally. During the first 3 months there are also scheduled talks from experts and practitioners for a further exploration of each week's topic. The second trimester is focused on personal project development using the local laboratory infrastructure together with the local instructor and with biweekly mentorship of the global experts.

Classes 2020 - Lectures


Pre-Courses will run at local level, each node can choose and offer pre-courses related to the themes of the Fabricademy according to their expertise, resources and tutors skills.

Pre-courses can have a duration of 8h to 20h and their cost depends on the local lab.

Check out our sites list to find the nearest lab.


  • Basic pattern making
  • Sustainability
  • Textile applications
  • 3D modeling
  • Materials, DIY recipes
  • Weaving, knitting etc
  • Dyeing, printing, screen printing, various techniques
Basic skills needed range from digital fabrication to biology, but can easily be learnt in your lab.